Individual Counselling & Supervision Services

Counselling Service

All of us struggle at times with life dilemmas, transitions, losses, stresses or tragedies.  In the process any of us can become stressed or in struggle with our experience.  Individual counselling is an opportunity to sort out life's issues and to cope with, manage and resolve difficult issues and symptoms. 

Counselling can be a way to explore and inquire deeper into one's present life issues in order to bring new understanding and awareness that can lead to a more open, loving and satisfying way of being in the world.  

In counselling sessions you will have the chance to talk about whatever is on your mind and you will be deeply heard as we explore the issues and stories you bring as a way of bringing clarity, resolution and healing.

I find this video of Brene Brown very inspiring and it captures the essence of the counselling exploration and the possible outcomes.

I work face-to-face and online via skype.

Counselling sessions generally last for 50 to 60 minutes and cost $95.  Lower rates are available to people on reduced incomes. Please ask if you would like to discuss.

Professional Supervision

I have been providing professional supervision for counsellors, school counsellors and therapists for a number of years. Professional supervision is a process to enable and guide a practitioner towards competent and accountable practice. It also provides ongoing professional development and support.

My rate for supervision is $110. Lower rates are available for individuals and smaller organisations.